JNL Fusion Basic

JNL Fusion Basic
JNL Fusion Basic

JNL Fusion Basic

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JNL Fusion is an extreme at-home fitness series designed to help you blast fat, build muscle, and sculpt your abs-- fast! Created by International fitness celebrity, Jennifer Nicole Lee, JNL Fusion is based on Jennifer's method of Super-Spiking. Super Spiking alternates 30 seconds of strength training with 30 seconds of cardio to give you a slim, fit, Fusion body! Push your body to change your body and enjoy a fitness model physique in no time! See major results in just 60 days!

Who is it for?
A person who is looking to lose weight, get lean, and get the best body of their life! It's perfect for anyone short on time who wants a jaw-dropping body in just 30 minutes a day.

Burns fat, Cardio Conditioning, Sculpts entire body head to toe.

This fitness revolution is designed to work for everybody, no matter what your fitness level is. Since no workout goes over forty minutes you will get maximum results in a minimum amount of time with JNL Fusion.


  • 10 Power-Packed Workouts
  • Success Tracker & Workout Journal
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Blueprint
  • 14 Day Rapid Makeover
  • 8 Week Workout Calendar

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