Figure 8 Ultimate - 25% OFF!

Figure 8 Ultimate - 25% OFF!
Figure 8 Ultimate - 25% OFF!


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The Figure 8 Ultimate Results Collection is meant for those that have already been using Figure 8 Basic and is the FINAL PHASE designed to bring you maximum results! It is the same training that Jaana herself uses to keep her abs, arms, legs and butt in amazing shape. 

Who is it for?
A person who loves to dance and wants a jaw-dropping dancer’s body in just 20 minutes a day. The low impact modifier makes this high-intensity program approachable to people of all skill levels.

Trims unwanted pounds, build lean dancer’s muscle tone, and define physique.

Complete your quest for a chiseled middle as Jaana shares the advanced moves to make your abs pop, while sculpting your arms, legs and butt too! You’ll feel more flexible, mobile, and agile during all your Figure 8 Ultimate workouts.  

APP access available on Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Roku®, Amazon Fire®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android® 

WEB access available on Laptop & PC