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F8 Turquoise Tank

The perfect tank to show
that you are a Figure 8 pro
while you swing those hips!

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Jaana Rhythms

Sculpt your body with targeted
dance moves in disco, latin,
belly dancing & hip hop!

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Clean Cuisine eBook

Get eight weeks of hand-picked
recipes that will get you lean
without sacrificing taste!

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Figure 8 Ultimate

Discover more challenging
dance routines and take your
fitness to the next level!

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Shake FX Chocolate

Enjoy a delicious nutrient-dense
chocolate shake with no added
sugar that keeps you feeling full!

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Protein Boost Chocolate

Add tasty chocolate protein to
your favorite recipe and support
healthy muscle development!

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Protein Boost Vanilla

Promote healthy weight loss
by adding a boost of 24g of
vanilla protein to your meal!

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Shake FX Vanilla

Enjoy our healthy vanilla shake
with 12+ superfoods to boost your
immunity and keeps you full!

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